Cashmere doe

Barbara Ann


Denwally Farm

Jefferson, Oregon


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Cashmere goats are the main passion here at Denwally Farm. We have been raising Cashmere goats since 2001. They are sweet, full of personality, and easy keepers. They kid easily - I have never had a difficult birth. They are fantastic brush eaters. I actually rent them out to people in my local area to munch down blackberries, poison oak, and thistles. And after doing all that brush clearing work all summer, they give me luxurious Cashmere spinning fiber. For more information about Cashmere goats, visit the Northwest Cashmere Association website.

We breed our Cashmere goats for fineness and syle (crimp) while balancing with good confirmation. One of our goats, Barbara Ann is a wonderful example of what we are striving for. She won reserve grand champion doe in 2005 and in 2006 at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. We now have several more Cashmere goats showing wonderful spinning fiber quality.

We are now using two bucks for breeding our does. One is Goatknoll Freddie. He has already produced some nice kids with wonderful fiber characteristics. Our other buck is Denwally Horace. This spring will be the first kidding from Horace, so we will see how he does. Horace has fantastic fiber himself.

Our farm is quite small (5 acres) so we do not usually have more than 30 animals here at any given time. Therefore we do a lot of culling to keep our herd improving. We do not usually sell our Cashmere goats as breeding stock. They are sold as pets, brush goats, and meat. See animals for sale.

If we have a goat born with good fiber and confirmation, we keep it. However, if someone wanted to buy our original stock, we would consider that.

Cashmere goats have been developed from feral stock and are therefore extremely hardy animals with great instincts. They have been selected for fine, crimpy, long and luxurious cashmere fiber.

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