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This year Molly had a beautiful black heifer. I am proud of her and quite hopeful that she will have the type of udder that I am looking for. I certainly did a massive amount of research before choosing Raibow Hills Big Mac. Many of his daughters have wonderful udders. Sara has great confirmation, wonderful exhuberant energy, and a confident personality. She is ready for halter training now.


Dexters are just wonderful little cows. They are perfect for small acreage. they have delicious lean meat in reasonable size portions. They give fantastic milk, also in reasonable amounts for a small family. Their milk is high in butterfat which, when the cows are grass fed, has some very healthful properties. For the most part they are gentle and friendly. They also calve easily and do well on grass.

My Dexters have horns, as you can see. I find them handy to steer Molly around. Molly is my favorite cow. I milked her morning and night for several months. After getting to know her so intimately, I can say that I love Molly. The Dexters are all registered with the American Dexter Association.

I would like to strive to help maintain the milking qualities of the breed, which gives them their dual purpose reputation.

Dexter cow



Denwally Farm

Jefferson, Oregon


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Dexter Cattle - the perfect homestead or hobby farm animal.

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