How we got merino sheep at Denwally Farm.

A few years ago, one of my goats had triplets. Knowing that the smallest kid might not thrive if left with the mother, I decided to pull her from mom and bottle feed it. The trouble was, I wanted to keep her in the barn, rather than inside the house, so I decided to buy a bottle lamb to keep it company. Bottle feeding went fine until weaning, when a neighbor’s friend wanted to buy the bottle goat kid.

The lamb was only three months old, and I was planning to eat it after growing it up. Goats wouldn’t accept the sheep and sheep don’t like to be solitary. Well, I figured I could see about getting a weaned feeder lamb to keep her company. (do you see where this is going?)

I went to a sheep farm event and asked about feeder wethers. They had some and I was sold a merino wether. But thinking about the fact that the wether was merino, I might want to keep it for its fleece. But then it would be alone after I butchered the bottle lamb, so I purchased a little merino ewe lamb to keep him company.

Eventually I butchered the bottle lamb and now I have a merino ewe and a merino wether.

Like the little old lady who swallowed the fly…..

About Denwally Farm

Raising cashmere goats and merino sheep in Willamette valley, Oregon
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